Plant a Thought

Apologies, friend, my Scotticism is a wee rusty.
Do I have an unrealistic look on love?
Na ye dinnae laddie or lassie ah cannae tell
I wish I had a Scottish accent.
pls pls pls vote for Uldouz to come to Asbury Park - PLS. She's so beautiful and wonderful!
My one year old neice's cancer is back. Please pray for her.
Tea, a balm for the soul
This will become daily life
Tired after a day of hard work
Don't hide away
Your name is just a nickname your parents gave you.
Subtle blocking but noticeable
You need comfort food.
Wauw. That was a real pumch in the gut.
What is the point of stressing?
I've remembered so many repressed memories. I now know why I've felt so messed up. I feel unlovable. Or scared I'll be abused again. I can't escape. It's killing me.
Roger is Moore
Love IS enough
If I have to walk alone I'm giving up. I can't stay here knowing love is not enough.
Bernard? How'd you get upstairs