Plant a Thought

A wild and bold choice. Respect.
Mixing M&M's and Skittles
I still find reasons to laugh.
Never regret that which must be done.
Will the urges to end myself ever end?
Getting to the age at which me and my (wonderful) girlfriend should be thinking of having children. The truth is, I decided at age 13 I wouldn't bring someone into this world until I learned how to love it myself, and I still don't. All I see around me is suffering. Everything I've ever known was built on the back of centuries of bloody conquest and exploitation, and with enough riches to feed the human race twice over, everyone I've ever met still seem to live from one misery to the next. How could I bring a little guy into a place like this?
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I have such a headache. Ugh.
Don't vote. Kill. Kill a politician. Start locally.
support your local community - kill a politician
kill politicians
When I talk I just feel more isolated.
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Please leave me alone, I'm finally happy.
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Regardless of your stance and opinion of the righteousness of wars, you should appreciate the sacrifices veterans have made. For ever serviceman that dies in combat, 2 kill themselves. For ever servicewoman that dies in combat, 4 kill themselves
I wonder that as well. I fear I am hated by the ones I love
I wonder if you talk about me the same way I talk about you..
no one is here anymore