Plant a Thought

I messed up the cake I'm bringing to my BF's family Thanksgiving. Damn. I'm really trying.
RIP David it feels like every other day another piece of my childhood dies
Im bored with my life.
Got very close, and at the same time, didnt get close at all
I have too many important priorities to consider something such as procreation. I'd rather make you sing and swing your hips with me. Musically.
And, congratulations on conceiving! Whew i was scared a rainbow baby was some gay couples genetically grown baby that was conceived with only two eggs in a petri dish or something. The world is turning into the Island od Dr. Moreau I swear.
No, I get ya. I just heard thst on the real housewives of new jersey and it made me laugh. Probably cawse of tha accent yuh know??
Rainbow baby is a term for a baby conceived after miscarriage. But thanks.
There is no God, only the universe. Don't put something so beautiful into a tiny box. Become one with everything. We are all here together, so let us love.
A mans rejection, is God's protection.
At the end of the day, we can have accomplished something or nothing. It's your choice which.
I'm here for you, whenever you decide you need me.
always a bridesbee, never a broom
i live with my boyfriend, yet i feel so alone.
No offense but im really scared to even think of what a "rainbow" baby is.
Is there a word / for I like you / and would be your lover, / or your friend, / that isn't awkward.
I'm okay on my own. I finally mean it.
Don't be afraid to love and don't be afraid of the things you love.
Thx babe you are right
Be safe. Be smart. These are strange and precarious times.