Plant a Thought

dude. way if we pees form butts
As many times as it takes to take, angelface
How many times do I have to start over?
People can honestly be so dumb. The only reason pot is becoming legal is because it makes people docile, foggy brained, and just plain dumb. A dumb, docile population equals more control over them. Wake up people. Theyll never legalize cocaine because it makes people sharp, energetic, confident and AWAKE.
English/Psych major and future Counseling Master's here. Be proud of that 51 page proposal. It's exhausting and taxing, but you did it. Something of that magnitude came from YOU. You're awesome.
Thesis writer and regular crier here-I just finished my 51 page proposal. Research is down the line, but it's over for now. Hardest paper to write ever, and the most logged hours EVER. I could've have joyfully flung myself of a cliff at times just to be free, but I actually did it. If you don't think you can't, you can... There will be so much drinking on Friday.
Sometimes I'm simply ignoring my phone because I need a break from technology and not because I don't want to talk to you.
I hate admitting that I'm lonely
I love cuddlin but sometimes I am afraid that it makes me too clingy
No, no, no gentlemen...these long ass zz top beards are the opposite of attractive. Please get a shave, for fuck's sake.
Every day I realize more and more that I am turning into my mother. The worst part is, I no longer see that as a bad thing!
I know I talked you into therapy, but I have this secret fear that your therapist is going to tell you that I'm a bad partner and you should leave me.
To not have a closed heart, but an open and careful heart.
Trying to protect my heart.
Theres just too many fucking people in Manhattan. What a cesspool.
I am always moved when my boyfriend's parents are nice to me. My own parents are so standoffish.
Barry Manilos fans just found out hes gay? Whaaat? Thats just ridiculous. Was there ever a question? smh
Hmm...a variant of the Litany Against Fear? Cool.
Today I will allow my myself my tears without judgement or resistance. I will ignore my ego, which says I should be ashamed. I will feel this pain and for now give in to this familiar despair. I will honor this visitor, this bit of weather. But I won't let it hold me. I'll ride it like a wave. I'll let it go as I let it come and find myself stronger in it's passing.
Voodoo lady! Shakin' that stick, drive me crazy!