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i am european and having coffee and cigarettes for breakfast is really hard and afterwards i may faint. its not a great idea. i like to eat a banana and a yoghurt with that and maybe delay my first cigarette of the day. and also i like cookies for breafast and chocolate, maybe im a baby
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lol calm down, the world doesn't revolve around you.
If I were European, I'd have coffee and cigarettes for breakfast
this is maga country #dealwithit
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bad times are here to stay
I wish I could tell everyone how sad I feel. How stuck I am, and how hopeless everything has become. But I don't think they could do anything to help - it would just spread the sadness to them too. :'(
When I was younger, I realized I may not have been born the gender I felt I was. But I was young, and being the logical being I was and still am, I told myself to wait. Years later, and I'm still the same gender. I regret that decision every single day. If something feels off, address... Don't let it degenerate into something that may haunt you for the rest of your life.
I already sang your stories, you never listened to my melodies. So I left.
We shared in adventures, and then broke apart. What will your stories will say about me?
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I'll take a quiet life, a handshake of carbon monoxide. With no alarms and no surprises...
Look at me oh look at me is this the way I'll always be
I left
I'm not in a good place :(
It's ok... I'll be ok.
I'm p.o.ed. all of a sudden my Spotify ads have gone from general to really targeted - old spice and Trojan and stuff. Like they think I'm a college freshman dude
How do people still listen to Radiohead?