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He felt as though he was locked in a zoo cage with a sign that read "Please don't love the animals".
i'm so sad
She was the kind of dame that broke mens hearts. She would have broken mine too if it hadn't already been smashed into a thousand pieces. But that was a hundred years ago. That, as my professor says, was a different country. So I don't go there. Besides, only a schmuck wastes tears on the past. And in my line of work there's not much call for tears.
"I've found that I need to develop these two personas separately; be a much more ruthless editor and be a much more careless artist."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *****************************HHHH****************
Binge - watching This Is Us. This shows frigin killin me. Not sure how I feel about a show where I cry every episode. Killin me!
I think I've sabatoged every relationship Ive been in. At this same moment I'm considering breaking up with my girlfriend of almost 3 years. I cant figure out if Im trying to find reasons, or they were always there.
I love reading about mummies. I've now gotten to the level where I can look at a bog body, squashed and leathery, and think, "I know you."
Oh wow if California ever does secede from the US...bye bye democratic party..youll never win either the electoral or the popular vote again! Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, good riddance! ,
Learning to live weightlessly inside love.
People always tell me I need to get out more. But those same people never offer to go out with me.
procrastination is a form of mental illness.
Sometimes i wished someone just could tell me what to do. I really feel desperate about life, at times like this.
Fuck cramps
Every morning is a chance to look in the mirror and promise to respect yourself and do the right thing. Alternatively you can succumb to the laziness and evils of the mind, be a douchebag, and do what u shouldn't do. It's a choice and your only judge will always be yourself. Its easy to do the wrong thing. It's brave and rewarding, albeit harder, to do the right thing.. most people dont. Be better than that.
Doing things I shouldn't do
Rich tata throwing money like sugar. It hurts.
Message to all you hackers, whether international, domestic, or your significant other: HEY, YOU, GET OFF OF MY CLOUD!
For you President Trump, when the press and the left attack you: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds". - Einstein