Plant a Thought

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I feel like everyone has a partner and I've been left behind
I wish my best friend made time for me more often
Finally, I don't miss you anymore.
You got away with words.
Fast Slow Disco.
This new timeline is strange. I planned different. I don't know if I can adapt with him instead..
I never close cases.
It's cool when you're alone.
Even if being gay was a choice, why shouldn't I be free to make that choice?
If drinking every day doesn't kill me, something else will soon. I give up. I'll be 25 this year, I never expected to even make it this far.
Does anyone know a Luis who works at Bistro Seven Three in Bernardsville, NJ? Possibly the owner? Not 100% sure if he's the owner. But he definitely works there. Well, he's a fucking creep and stalker. Stay away from him.
You're twenty eight, but you've never felt tragedy.
I really wanna fuck Andrew Vanwyngarden from MGMT to "Pagan Poetry" by Bjork.
There's a subtle difference between peeing in the pool vs. peeing into the pool.
I can flourish alone, it's just.. I was hoping you'd want to grow, too.
He called me his girlfriend
Sometimes I want to weed a thought that has been watered a lot, but I just can't stand to get rid of that nice green color....
I'm gonna Jesus the fuck out of the next month, believe me.
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