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I feel like every girl is ultra progressive and left-leaning. I want to be with someone who has similar ethical values
When I die, don't act like you knew me.
After ending a relationship that was 1/3 of my life...although I know it was right to do, I feel like I broke off part of myself.
most days I'm stronger than bipolar disorder. lately I don't have what it takes to be above it.
Haha jerk :-p
So I became a christian...
Twice your age. Still wasting it even though its long gone. Ha.
I'm 25 today. How much longer will I waste my youth?
Sometimes I still can't get over the fact that we live in a post-Bowie world.
More than a man, less than a woman.
Ahh, ya know. I go back and forth.
LOL are you in the good/bad place? "Fork off".
Stop posting your garbage Ads on here. Literally no one cares and that's not what this space is for. Fork off.
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I don't even read my horoscope, wake up like, "damn my life is dope!"
I understand your exhaustion, and desire to voice that here in this space. However, it probably means you don't have meaningful relationships with others unlike you, ie people of color. Go out and do the opposite of evil. Connect, be of service, form friendships, rather than get defensive, be one of the listeners. People can still call whites evil, and that comes from A LOT of painful history and ongoing trauma, but it wouldn't be able to bother you anymore. You would know what you stand for against that.
I'm tired of being told I'm evil because I'm white
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Everyone has advice for the victim in the relationship. The assholes in the relationship need help too. I can't stop breaking this girl's heart. I keep ending it, only to crawl back to her and she easily accepts. I'm stuck. I empathize with Gob Bluth. I stare into nothing while The Sound of Silence plays and I say "I've made a huge mistake."