Plant a Thought

fuck this day.
don't leave
I fell in love for the first time in the snow.
I want to go but I have to stay.
Wtf kinda bullshit is that? You must teach it for a living youre good at it
I can't love you fully, you know this. Learn to let go, let us love in our own moment. It will pass as all things do. New, bright love will always be waiting.
Love is forever
liar. Never forgiving you for lying to me about this. Ever.
Waiting for my second chance.
My mistakes do not define who I am.
We were nothing for a million years, and we will be nothing for a million more, and the tiny slice of something that we get in between is consistently interrupted every night for six to eight hours of nothingness. And here we are, in our momentary flash of something, working 9-5. God forgive us.
Man's life is to suffer. Man's purpose is to find meaning in that suffering. Good luck to everyone who reads this.
I've tried booze before (5 years of booze therapy, to be exact) and it actually doesn't help. It numbs you, but that just means you're in stagnation, you don't move on, you stay on and end up wallowing in self-pity; I do not recommend it in the long run. A one, two-off, sure, everybody needs to blow off some steam, but don't turn it into a habit. And it turns into one very easily. Sorry, if I'm needlessly preachy but I've been there and don't want anyone else to be there too.
Arrgghh still going. Never coming back. Lol.
Live with and for yourself. There's more magic to be had there than you'll ever know. In fact, it is everything.
He killed my belief in love. I'm lighter, but less passionate about life in general. Booze helps.
Wow, I finally gave up on my love yesterday too and I feel lighter than air. What a coincidence! Let's hope the next people we'll meet turn out to love us back!
I gave up on love. My heart let it go, finally. I've never been more happy and felt more free.
All this love talk just makes me itchy. Ill come back here when the mood fucking passes!
What do you do when you're in love with your best friend? Part of me is happy that he's happy with someone else. Part of me just hurts.