Plant a Thought

Don't forget to check back in a year
Came back here to see my thought from a year ago but i have already forgotten what it was
Right now the last thought is: I think I'm making myselfcrazy... Shutting myself if from the world because it is scary out there... But i knowi can't about people forever. I'm worried I'm destroying my mind. :( Sorry
I just installed the Mac dashboard widget for this so I'm gonna see whatever the last thought here is all the time, instead of the "Quote of the day" widget that didn't work
If history was an exam and politicians the students, they would all have failed.
Kill politicians before they kill us
Please help me
Life is hard
Women wanting freedom AND submission confuse me. We can never do good.
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At one point I had every personality disorder simultaneously. This was cured by getting a job.
Tried LSD for the first time in my life, age almost 29. Not quite what movies and books make it out to be, but a powerful and very personal expierience either way. Try it only when most things in your head are worked out.
Hey! No matter how hard things are, I love you. You are loved
I wish I wasn't so manic and I wish I could trust myself
I'm not surei want to go on lithium...
No one's saving me this time. Enough is enough. I'm sorry for leaving you with my debt.
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Moving back in with my parents at 29. I'm seeking mental health help, but the thought of taking medicine that changes who I am, and how I think, is scary. I don't know how I can tell my friends. I'm tired of the anxious, depressed, and hopeless thoughts. I feel so isolated. :(
giving out tide pods to trick-or-treaters
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