Plant a Thought

Mama Nature is furious that all her children are fighting
nothing is a thing. So there is no nothingingness, since nothingness itself is a thing. wut
Wave after wave
I'm in LOOOVE and it is GRAND
When I'm with you, it feels like my heart is given the warmest of hugs.
I don't want yo call no mo, Thank you though.
Call me 856-473-5560 that from their Shoefly Dont Bother Me album of greatest hits?
No me moleste mosquito, why don't you go home? No me moleste mosquito, just let me eat my burrito, why don't you go home?
Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes benz
Katie here, I AM listening. Bout to go ghost, you're hurting me for no reason. You know how to find me when you're ready. Love is love, man.
It's devastating to acknowledge that you won't allow yourself to love me.
When I am with you, it's pure bliss
I binge ate so much. I feel sick; all I wanna do is throw it up.
Sell them on ebay or craigslist. You can make some money :-)
Does anyone know where in NJ I can recycle or give away VHS movies? I went to a recycling place but they charge by the pound and I have HUNDREDS of them. I really want to get rid of these but I don't want to just toss them out so they can fill up a landfill either.
Let's grow fat together.
A big fuck you too my lazy room mate for bringing over loud idiots at 11:00pm.
You've made me a shadowboxer, baby.
Dear music teacher: my favorite teacher of all time was my band teacher. He was a father figure to me, during a time when my father was so cruel. He passed away 3 months into my first year of high school, after having him through all of middle school. I never got the chance to tell him how impactful he was on my life. I promise, you are that for someone.